Administration (ADM):

MIP Fund Accounting® Training

In Administration (ADM) training for MIP Fund Accounting you will learn how to add or modify users in the system. You will also learn how to modify or add security for a user and the different security options available in the system.

ADM 01: Adding or Modifying a System User

  • The correct module to be in when adding or modifying a user
  • Standards for setting up users
  • How to add a new user and the proper settings
  • How to establish and change passwords
  • How to rename a user
  • How to set minimum password lengths

ADM 20: Adding or Modifying a User’s Security

  • What the security options (V-E-D-A-P) mean and what each letter allows the user to do
  • The difference between system security and organization security
  • How to administer rights to a user
  • How to set up organizational security

Training Agenda

  • 1

    ADM 01: Adding or Modifying a System User

    • ADM 01: Adding or Modifying a System User - Training Video

    • ADM 01: Adding or Modifying a System User - QUIZ

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Course Details:

For those looking to master the administrative capabilities of MIP Fund Accounting, our comprehensive MIP Fund Accounting Training offers an in-depth exploration of essential administrative functions. Participants will gain valuable insights into how to proficiently add or modify users within the system, as well as learn the nuances of setting up and adjusting user security levels. 

Our courses emphasize understanding the various security options available, including detailed explanations of system and organization security differences and how to manage them effectively. Key lessons include standards for setting up users, the processes for adding new users with the proper settings, and methods for establishing or changing passwords. 

Additionally, the training covers critical security features such as setting minimum password lengths, renaming users, and administering user rights. With a focus on the security options designated by V-E-D-A-P, participants will learn what each letter signifies and how it empowers users within the system. 

Our MIP Fund Accounting Courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure robust security and efficient user management in your organization, making it an indispensable resource for anyone utilizing MIP Fund Accounting.