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Why Is True North Training Right For You?

True North Training for Abila MIP Fund Accounting™

Sometimes you need to learn and be trained on a new Abila MIP process end-to-end, sometimes you need a refresher for an MIP task you perform less often, sometimes you need to train a new employee, and sometimes you just need a quick tip and immediate support.

Instead of wasting your time on-hold with a help line or sifting through an overly complicated user manual, True North Training Videos for Abila MIP are here to provide simple answers to your questions and support you when you need it most.

All of our Abila MIP Training courses are comprised of several chapters covering a wide variety of topics. Each chapter includes a training video, a supplemental Abila MIP training PDF specific to that process,  and a quiz to check your understanding. Upon completion of a course, you will receive a printable notice of your achievement to be displayed proudly. 

True North Training for Abila MIP. Quick. Easy. Affordable. Available.

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